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 DMS 63 Thiknessing Planer

Cast iron working table with grinded surface and a possibility for stopping.
Thicknessing planer working table with built in adjustable rollers with setting in motion by force. Thicknessing planer working table moves on 4 grinded guides.
Stepless feeding adjustment. Mechanical movement of the working table by height through 4 screws with possibility for fine adjustment.
Two speeds feeding of the detail.
Mechanical lifting of the working table.
Electronic read-out for the working table position.
Electronic brake for the cutter block.
Cutter block protector, working also as a dust collector.
Sectional notched /feeding/ shaft with sectional pressing front beam /with possibility for machining of two or more wooden details with thickness differences to 5 mm/.

DMS 63
Working table dimensions, mm 630 x 900
Max. depth of cut, mm 8
Depth of detail, min/max, mm. 3 - 300
Feeding speed, m/min 5/21
Cutter block diameter, mm Ø 125
Number of the cutters 4
Revolution of the cutter block, min-1 5000
Number of motors 3
Motor power, kW (HP) 7.5 (10.0)
Feeding motor power, kW (HP) - 1.5 (2.0)
Motor power for lifting of the working table, kW (HP) 0.75 (1.0)
Aspirating port diameter, mm Ø 160
Overall dimensions, L x W x H, mm 900 x 1120 x 1145
Weight, kg 1110
Motor power, kW (HP) 9.5 (12.5) 11.0 (15.0)
Mechanical indication of the working table position
Sections teeth shaft