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 LBS 2500 Belt Grinding Machine

Two belt feeding speeds with possibility for direction variation.
Dynamic balanced pulleys.
Mechanical table lifting.
Aspiration system with protector with possibility for inserting to another aspiration system.

LBS 2500
Working table dimensions, mm 2500 x 820
Table vertical movement, mm 600
Belt length, min/max, mm 7000 / 7320
Belt width, mm 150
Bend depth, mm 600
Bend height, mm 210
Pulleys diameter, mm Ø 240
Belt feeding speed with possibility for direction variation, m/s 18/36
Main motor (2-speed), kW (HP) 2.4 / 3.0 (3.3 / 4.1)
Table lifting motor, kW (HP) 0.55 (0.75)
Aspirating motor, kW (HP) 0.55 (0.75)
Overall dimensions – L x W x H, mm 4200×1600x1500
Weight, kg 480
Manual table lifting