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 Grinding machines with CN control


Surface - grinding Machine with vertical spindle SHPV 01, designed for flat grinding in repair of cylinder engine blocks of light- and heavy-freight vehicles. It is used successfully in treating general machine building components. The size of the chucking table is 900 x 350 mm and the control is electromechanical.

SHPV 2000/3000

The sueface grinding machines type SHPV 2000/3000 are meant to be used for sharpening of guillotine knives and abkant press machines. These machines provide high security, accuracy and are easy to operate.

Parameters SHPV 2000 SHPV 3000
Max. grinding length 2000 mm 3000 mm
Width of working table 200 mm 200 mm
Motor power of grinding head 4 kW 4 kW
Grinding Wheel Diameter 200 mm 200 mm
Linear speed of abrasive wheel 15 m/s 15 m/s
Speed of sliding plate 12 or 18 m/min 12 or 18 m/min
Titing range for working table -/+90 angle -/+90 angle
Sliding guidewayl Linear guideway Linear guideway
Water coolant system + +
About net (gross) weight About 2300 kg About 2300 kg


Unique as a combination of possibilities is the combined grinding machine KSHM 01. It can carry out flat grinding as well as external cylindrical grinding of rotation components. Thus this machine in a few minutes can be reset from flat grinding position whit maximum length 300 mm and width 150 mm into a circular grinding position with max. diameter of the component 190 mm and length up to 250 mm.

SHU 322.21

For the grinding of internal and external cylinder and cone rotation plains is designed a universal circular grinding machine with CNC SHU 322.21. The maximum diameter of the grinder component in external grinding is 320 mm and in internal - 200 mm. The maximum length of the treated component is 1000 mm. Programmable controller – FANUC MATE P, programmable incriment 0,0005 mm