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 Hydrostatic Steering Units

 TYPE HKU…/3,4,7

Hydraulic hydrostatic steering units are designed for use on steering of low speed vehicles when the speed does not exceed 60 km/h such as forklifts, tractors, construction equipment, aircraft ground support vehicles, mining and industrial positioning requirements. Hydrostatic steering allows vehicle to be steered without mechanical connections.

 TYPE HKUS…/3, 4, 8

The HKUS Hydrostatic Steering units is based on the HKU unit but has buil-in relief and check valves. Thus M+S Hyraulic achieves one very compact steering unit which reduces the need for additional hydraulic components in the system.


HKU…/4PB works as standart steering unit with auxiliary port destinet for flow
providing additional vehicles funktions.

HKUQ…/4 is a new series of hydrostatic steering units with an additionally increased flow.
HKUQ…/4 is an “Open Center-Non Load Reaction” hydrostatic steering in which restrictor
for applying factor from 1,3 to 2,5 is built-in.

 TYPE HKU(S)…/5…/4

The HKU(S)…/5(T)(E)(TE) range expands the steering units family of M+S Hydraulic with the “Closed Center - Non Reaction and Load Sensing Outlet” version (static hydraulic connection to the priority valve). This range is manifactured in two version; for modulary abd pipe mounting and therefor were developed the two versions of priority (tracing) valves: PRD… and PRT…