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 Accessories for Steering Units

 Priority Valves TYPE PR

The Priority Valves distribute and trace the hydraulic flow from the supply pump of the hydraulic system to the hydraulic components ehich control and run the vehicle.
The Priority Valves are used only with the HKUS /5(E)(T)(TE) steering units.
When connected, the steering unit anf the priority valve represent sophisticated hydraulic tracing sytsem that control the flow in both main pipelines of the hydraulic system (the working and control one) at any time of its operation.
As a static signal, the “LS” signal must be used in systems with circuit stability.
The connection between the PRT, PRTA priority valves and the HKUS /5T(TE) steering units has to be as short as possible, but should not exceed 1,5m (for iron pipe with ø 4 internal diameter). When a rubber hose is used the lenght have to be even shorter.
The Priority Valves PRT…/160 have built-on a pilot pressure relief valve, who protects the steering unit against exceed pressure. The pilot pressure relief valve operates with the Shuttle of the Priority valve to limit the maximum steering ressure P-T measured across the steering units port.

 Valve Blocks TYPE BKH

Hydraulic BKH valve blocks are developed to protect the components of the hydraulic circuit: such as pumps, steering units and cylinders – from overloads. Impacts and cavitation. Some of their advantages are: easy integration into any hydraulic circuit, easy mounting to the steering unit, and quick an easy hose connections. Depending on the design and the built in valves the BKH valves could be divided: BKH1…BKH5 and BKHR, with BKH5 designed for XY steering units only. The maximum flow rate is in compliance with the whole range of HKU and XY steering units but not more than 80 l/min. The pressure settings for the entry relief valves are given in the table.

 Torque Amplifuers TYPE UVM

Hydraulic UVM Torque Amplifiers amplify the applied torque to the control shaft and thus make easier running of various vehicles such as: - agricultural and wood working machines; - road rollers and road cleaning machines; - fork-lift and construction machinery; The totally transferred power in terms of the output torque is up to 1.1kW. The UVM torque amplifiers with their simple design, consisted of a pump and amplifier, ensure 40 times higher output torque than applied one. The amplifying is achieved as follows: By rotating the output shaft to the left or right the spool and the sleeve are displaced, and the hydraulic flow enters the system turning the gerotor set, which transfers already amplified torque to the output shaft.

 Steering Columns TYPE KK

The M+S Hydraulic KK Steering Columns transfer the torgue from the steering wheel of the vehicle to the HKU, HKUS or other of the same class steering units. The KK steering columns are consisted of a pipe in which is centred the control shaft.
The KK steering column is hard- mounted to the steering unit by its welded flange using four screws M10 at minimal depth 10 mm fitted in the steering unit with tightenin torgue of 2 daNm.
Permissible loads on the steering column are as follows:
Max. torgue applied to the steering wheel 24 daNm
Max. bending moment 20daNm
Max. axial load 100 daNm
The steering column must be additionally supported when the lenght L exceeds 150mm.