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 Hydraulic Power Packs

 Mini Power Packs MPP

El. Motors:
AC 0.55…3 kW , mono or three-phase
DC 0.8… 3 kW ; 12 or 24 V
Tank volume: 1…60 l
Pump displacement: 1…6,1 cm³
Wide range of modular elements allowing the implmentation of additional hydraulic schemes

 Mini power packs HC

El. Motors:
DC 1… 3 kW ; 12 or 24 V
Tank volume: 2…15 l
Pump displacement: 1…6,1 cm3
Working pressure: up to 250 bar
Assembled with different valves depending on the hydraulic scheme

 Hydraulic Station

AC - to 25 kw.; 1-3 pieces
Mounting - vertical, horizontal, moved out;
Capacity of the tank - to 500 L.;
Displacement of the pump: 1-55 cm³
They are produced with a large variety of elements -
accumulators, coolers and others for the realization of each concrete hydraulic sheme.


DC motor from all dimensions, coupled with gear pump - group 10 or group 20.
Different modifications and variants for implementation of various decisions.
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