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 H 420 A Horizontal band saw

Technical data

Maximum cut off stock

Cutting at angle 90° mm 420
mm 420
mm 450×420
mm 500×250
Cutting at angle 45° mm x
mm x
mm x
Cutting at angle 30° mm x
mm x
mm x
Material level mm 700
Movement of the feeding vice mm 500
Maximum cut-off stock mm 1000
Sawing speed m/min 17-106
Saw blade dimension mm 5000х34х1,1
Power of:
main motor kW 3
cooling motor kW 0,18
hydraulic motor kW 0,75
material feed kW x
Capacity оf:
hydraulic l 40
cooling l 40
Overall dimensions
length mm 2700
width mm 2450
height mm 1450
Net weight kg 2500